Saturday, April 3, 2010

opt in list building |viral list building|Viral Friend Generator

Find out how to drive 300% more visitors to your

Web Site and build your list automatically using
viral friend generator.
Word of mouth advertising is a powerful way to
generate interest in a product.  Internet marketing
is no different and viral list building has been
seemingly unreachable for the average marketer in 
their quest for the ideal opt in list and traffic 
building needs.
Tell a friend software has gotten a bad rap over
the years.  Most offer a free marketing to marketer
approach where you sign up to receive newsletters
from people you dont know on topics you dont want.
This barage of garbage in your email box is all 
a promise that others will do the same to receive
your newsletter and so on.  What this process
lacks is any kind of opt in list building base 
of targeted, interested subscribers.
Viral friend generator is unique in its opt in list
building. Viral Friend Generaotr takes the standard 
2 step system which generally consists of a landing 
page (or squeeze page) and the sales page or buy page 
and adds a crucial 3rd step inbetween with an additional 
offer only if they provide reffering names and emails. 
Viral list building based on a reward system!  Instead
of 1 in 1 out you get 1 in 3 out or how ever many
required refferals you wish.
viral friend generator's opt in list building allows
you to track, customize and create pages in minutes,
ready to upload to your FTP server.  The end result
is 300% more traffic or more to your web site.
I recommend and use Viral friend generator along with
many other affiliate pro's who have come to rely on 
this easy to use viral list building software.  
We are an official Viral Friend Generator authorized 
liscened reseller and provide complete support for our 
customer and affiliates.
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